John Field: Mystical, Entertaining, Challenging, Magical
John Field Profile

John Field - Profile

John has been performing magic for over 40 years and during that time has honed his skills to the highest level. He was elevated to the exclusive degree of Associate Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star in 2005, in recognition of his performing skills. Approximately 350 magicians hold this degree worldwide. The Magic Circle is THE most prestigious club for Magicians in the world. Basic membership is hard to come by but elevation to a higher degree is by invitation only after a performance to the highest standard.

More importantly, John understands the needs of business. Admitted as a Solicitor in 1976, he has advised and assisted businesses with a wide variety of legal issues and Court cases over 30 years. As senior partner, then managing partner and latterly Chief Executive Officer of a substantial law firm, he has run his own business and associated with senior directors and managers. He knows and understands the needs of modern business and has tailored his performances to ensure that maximum entertainment is provided at all times.

John has played an active role in service organisations for over 28 years, including Round Table where he was Chairman and Rotary International. He has also been a regular broadcaster on BBC Southern Counties Radio where, as well as reviewing Sunday magazines, he has performed magic on air! He has raised thousands of pounds for charities with his after dinner talk on the History of Magic.

John is available for cabaret, banquets, receptions, weddings and after dinner speaking.

John regularly appears at venues in Surrey, London and throughout the South-East